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Cross Posting

04/01/05 | by JAdP | Categories: General Thoughts

One of the main reasons that we chose b2evolution as the basis for the TeleInterActive Press: multiple blogs per author, multiple authors per blog(s), cross-posting among categories within a blog or among different blogs [in different categories] and even the ability to move a post from one blog to another.

It may also be possible to use [manipulate] trackback, pingback, and XML based feed syndication [RSSv1, RSSv2, Atom] to accomplish this as well.

Marc Canter points out in "Cross Posting and the Future of having Multiple Blogs" that

at the recent "Northern Voice" blogging conference that over 80% of the people - had more than one blog

This doesn't surprise me either. Many of the bloggers that I read have, or contribute to, multiple blogs. Clarise and I have our own blogs, as well as joint author The TeleInterActive Lifestyle. And we're about to launch a wiki as a collaborative effort. We are also interested in contributing to niche blogs on topics such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, wireless and mobile technologies, community building among distributed workgroups, and/or project management.

Let's not forget wikis, CMS, ServiceCycle, collaborative software and other new forms of communication. We do include feeds on our web sites' CMS system for our blogs, and are looking into other ways to integrate the various ways in which we communicate and collaborate with our partners, customers and colleagues. Primarily using XML and database technologies.

Edit 01h12: Another interesting idea would be to post pictures, video, whatever to our family site, say of my Dad's 75th or Mom's 70th birthday parties, and simultaneously cross-post to ourmedia.org with appropriate tags and Creative Commons license. Cool, very cool.

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