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Once, most data quality issues were from human errors and inadequate business processes. While these still exist, new data sources and new opportunities from data, mean that data quality is both more important and more challenging than ever.
Published by on 06/10/17
Over the past few months, a debate has been proceeding on whether or not a new discipline, a new career path, is emerging from the tsunami of data bearing down on us. The need for a new type of Renaissance [Wo]Man to deal with the Big Data onslaught. To…
Published by on 06/30/10
In the upcoming webinar for SnapLogic, we will be looking at the Internet of Things from the perspective of data. Join this webinar on Thursday, October 27th to hear industry expert Joseph A. di Paolantonio discuss five recommendations on gaining advantage through the latest IoT data management technologies and business processes.
Published by on 10/17/16
Recently, for a prospective customer, I created a list of some search terms to provide them with some "late night" reading on data management & analytics. I've tried these terms out on Google, and as suspected, for most, the first hit is for Wikipedia.…
Published by on 09/29/10
Big Data is a catchy phrase. Unfortunately, it is often misused and misunderstood. Often, Hadoop and Big Data are used interchangeably; as if the Apache Hadoop family of projects are the only solutions for Big Data, or that that only use for these…
Published by on 03/15/13
We would like to thank Charly Clairmont for visiting our Open Source Business Intelligence Squidoo Lens and writing us the following note... "Talend is a new open source ETL with a new data management vision. Talend's solutions collect, process and…
Published by on 09/20/06
DataGrok (Post)
For all the silliness surrounding Big Data and Data Science, all the hype and all the controversy, there are actually very innovative and disruptive technologies coming from this area, this new approach to data management and analytics [DMA]. How do we…
Published by on 03/06/13
The week of 2013 October 28 was a big one for Paxata, Inc. Founded in January of 2012, followed by advisories, beta customers also known as "Pax Pros", and 12 sprints, Paxata quietly released their first GA product in May of 2013. With panels and debuts…
Published by on 11/04/13
As promised in my post, "Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers First Look", I've taken the time to thoroughly grok Pentaho Reporting 3.5 for Java Developers by Will Gorman [direct link to Packt Publishing][Buy the book from Amazon]. I've read the…
Published by on 01/21/10
Springbok by Informatica is the latest entry in the nascent self-service data preparation market. Springbok is impressive on several fronts. Data Harmonization. Rather than data preparation, Informatica uses the term data harmonization, to emphasize the…
Published by on 10/19/14
Metadata is always a big concern to those of us in data management, whether for data warehousing, business intelligence, ETL, EAI or search. If you've been reading my posts here and at the Cynosural Blog, you know of my interest in tagging. Tagging is a…
Published by on 10/10/05
Informatica World 2016 starts on Monday, May 23, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, USA. Please join us as we tweet and blog the event; covering how data powers business. Four summits will be held in addition to the general sessions, numerous roundtables, and solutions expo.
Published by on 05/20/16
Getting input from the users increases the quality of a data model. Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions facilitate and accelerate the modeling process. During the JAD sessions, subject matter experts validate the model with respect to supported…
Published by on 06/16/05
There's a deluge of data coming down the pike. And it's coming from M2M communications. We've been predicting it for four years now. Actually, a previous board member, Al, started us on this path when he tried to arrange a partnership with EMware back…
Published by on 03/28/05
We've been blogging for over five years on data management & analytics open source solutions, collaboration, mobile, project management, Agile implementations and the like. In addition to these topics, we'll be discussing statistical, mathematical and…
Published by on 12/23/10
The work of Dr. Codd as published in A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Bank by E.F. Codd provides the detailed and comprehensive explanation of Relational Model and Normalization. I just want my blog to be short and sweet each day. So,…
Published by on 12/18/04
I was reading a post by Doug Laney on his blog Incredible Credibility Variances. I really thought the graph, shown below, Click to view original size that showed the credibility index of vendors in the data warehousing space was very interesting.…
Published by on 06/22/05
On November 14 and 15th, I attended openSQLcamp 2009 in Portland, OR. It was a great event, and I was honored to be accepted for a five minute lightening talk: "I Play with Data". I would like to thank Sheeri (aka tcation) for providing Youtube videos…
Published by on 12/04/09
Agility in Data Management and Analytics Our 8Dâ„¢ Methodology was declared to be in compliance with the Agile Manifesto in 2002 by an Agile Practitioner. There are three parallel tracks, with the eight dimensions iterating across the tracks.
Published by on 09/02/05
Data Science is a new term and a new job title that has been receiving quite a bit of hype. There have been arguments over the definition of this term, and whether or not it truly describes a new field of endeavor or is just an offshoot of statistics,…
Published by on 07/22/12

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Our current thinking on sensor analytics ecosystems (SAE) bringing together critical solution spaces best addressed by Internet of Things (IoT) and advances in Data Management and Analytics (DMA) is updated frequently. The following links to a static, scaleable vector graphic of the mindmap.

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