Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many things to be thankful for...
A beautiful day
Trees Golden Gate
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Colors of Fall
Fall Blue Mountains
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Most especially .....

Family and Friends ...
Family and Friends
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Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great one. :P

Open Source Vendors

We (Clarise, Bernard and I) recently submitted two article ideas, and one was rejected becuase

The second one is product-specific, thus unsuitable for publication. If you wanted to reshape it into a product review, which are written by end users to describe their experience with a product, please contact [a sister publication]... must emphasize that you avoid mentioning product names as well as methodologies specific to certain vendors.end quotation

Here's the proposal for that second article, which will now be writen on this blog.

Mondrian is an open source OLAP engine that is very mature, having been in use since 2001. It is of interest, not only for its own capabilities, but for the fact that it is included in or required for nearly every other open source BI project that includes OLAP capability, from simple tools such as jPivot to full BI suites such as Pentaho. This article provides details about Mondrian and discusses its use in and importance to open source BI. The article will also discuss how to incorporate Mondrian into an organization's BI project.end quotation

As far as we know, Mondrian doesn't have a commercial arm, though its recent relationship with Pentaho may change that. It is difficult for me to think of various open source solutions as "vendors". That's why I tend to refer to them as "projects" rather than "products". Granted, some open source projects are dual-licensed, or have a commercial arm, like Green Plum for Bizgres, and Kinetic Network for KETL, MySQL AB for MySQL. So, is this rejection an indication of a telling lack of awareness about open source, or am I wrong in my thinking? Are open source licensed software packages projects or products? Is discussing an open source project, a discussion about a "specific vendor"? Food for thought.

The Fog is Back

After days and days of bright, blue skys and warm temperatures (our normal October weather, but in November), the fog is back on the San Mateo Coastside; at least in Moss Beach. I can harldy see the "holy cypress" out my office window.

Update 2005.11.23;07h55PDT: I can see the top of the cypress and blue sky above, but the mist is hanging in the lower branches of the trees all the way down the hill, and I can't see the ocean. I guess "summer" isn't back. The bright, blue skies of autumn will come again today.

Digital Watermark using Digimarc

We are working on a Content Management System for a customer and we are applying Digital Watermark to protect the customer's photos from unlicensed use. We are using Digimarc MyPictureMarc™.

It has been a frustrating experience for me since the embedded digital mark keeps on disappearing. I embed the digital mark, save and close. When I reopen the file, the digital mark is gone. It does not happen on all the photos but only some of it. It seems like the watermark does not survive at all.

The photos (from screen shots) below should illustrate my point:
Digimarc Embbedded Verified
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Digimarc Embedded and Verified

Digimarc Saved
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Photo saved. Notice the © symbol in the filename - ©HappyValley1.jpg when it was opened by JASC PaintshopPro

Digimarc Gone
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Closed the file and re-opened.... Digimarc Gone!

We are using an older version of JASC PainshopPro Version 7.04 so the current downloadable Digimarc Plugin does not work. (Separate issue opened with Digimarc). So, we are using the Digimarc interface that comes with our version, seen below:

Digimarc Interface
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Another weird thing: Using Digimarc MyPictureMarc Reader, the file: 37oakrd11170303.jpg does not have the digimarc sign.
Digimarc File List
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Opening it up in JASC,:
Opened OakRd Picture
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the © symbol is not there. But if one reads the digimarc, it is there:
Digimarc No Copyright sign
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These are my Digimarc woes ... XX(

I wrote Digimarc support to see why this is happening. Keep posted....

More TeleInterActivity from Microsoft

As presaged by Dave Winer yesterday and announced by him today, Ray Ozzie, now at Microsoft, has introduced Simple Sharing Extensions as a new XML nameSpace using RSS and OPML to allow lists of items, and outlines to interactively exchange their information. Marc Canter also hinted at this development in his guest piece for the AlwaysOn Network "Breaking the Web Wide Open".

I believe that this is going to be a tremendously important development, on several levels.

  • It does more to validate Microsofts new software as a service agenda, and demonstrates more about open standards and open APIs than the previous Microsoft demos; as much because of the use of a CreativeCommons license as for opening up synchronization among disparate applications and services like calendar, contacts, events, reading lists, and more, and so much more.
  • Though that is secondary to the impact this will have on bringing many of the promises of Web 2.0 to fruition.
  • The adoption of the SSE standard will allow the realization of personal Identity management and AttentionTrust.
  • We'll see new levels of groupware and enabling of distributed workgroups.
  • This is one more, and very powerful, piece of the puzzle to enable the TeleInterActive Lifestyle™
  • We're all going to have a lot of fun with this.

You can also find more information in the SSE FAQ. Don Dodge has a well-writtne piece on SSE. There's an interesting preview on the AttentionTrust Blog, as well.

Update: Mike Arrington says

"New companies will be built on the back of SSE."end quotation
-- Michael Arrington "COOL - SSE turns RSS bidirectional"

Update 2: Alex Barnett has a good list of reactions to the SSE in his post, "Microsoft proposal: Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML".

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