Silicon Valley Tag Tuesday November 29

Clarise and I will be attending...

Tag Tuesday is coming to Mountain View! After three meetings in San Francisco we have decided to give Silicon Valley a try to extend our reach. Our next meeting will take place next Tuesday, November 29, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at AOL%u2019s campus in Mountain View.end quotation
-- Silicon Valley Tag Tuesday November 29

Of course, since this is the first Tag Tuesday NOT being held in San Francisco, we'll be in San Francisco earlier on Tuesday for meetings. :)

But we're looking forward to both talks being presented at Tag Tuesday this month.

Ack Spam Attack

I can't believe it. Since I cleaned out my inbox at my old, no longer use it but still check it just in case, email account this morning, it's gotten FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SEVEN pieces of spam. All marked as spam by spamAssassin on the server and/or Trend Micro on the desktop.

Ack, frack, yuck. And other words ending in ck. Also, frell Stop. I'm not listening. la, la, la :lalala:

This is why I don't subscribe to email lists anymore. Feed syndication all the way.

ItSeemstoMe Questions to the World

Shel Israel is asking questions of the world. On the off chance that you read this blog [Thank you, Todd] and you don't read Shel's blogs, I'm answering his request to spread the word...

I believe if enough people join in and answer enough of these questions over a period of time, the results will tell us something about what similarities and differences people have. I almost never ask for links, but if you find this effort interesting, please spread the word, encourage others to come. I want diversity in every way that wird is used.end quotation
-- Shel Israel, ItSeemstoMe: Questions to the World #4

Since I do read both "It Seems to Me" and "Naked Conversations aka The Red Couch", I've known about this list of questions since he started asking them on November 22. I haven't taken the time to answer any myself yet, but I'm going there now to do so. You should too.

One observation that I'll make, is that the first question received more comments answering it than the others. The first asked the world to predict. The others look for revelations. Perhaps even bloggers prefer predicting and opining to revealing.

So, join me in answering all the quesitons, starting with that first one. Let's give Shel the diversity he seeks, and let's see if bloggers will reveal themselves.

Update: I should thank Letti, and any commenters here, as well as Todd. &#59;D

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Fifty-seven years ago today, my parents were married in St. Agnes church in West Chester, PA.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

Come upstairs and I'll make Turkey Tetrazzini out of the carcass from Thanksgiving. :p

Happy Thanksgiving

'Tis a grey Thanksgiving on the coast, with an high marine layer obscuring the sun. The ForecastFox extension in Flock says "Haze". I don't see haze; I see a ceiling of grey clouds, arching out to the horizon where it meets the slightly darker grey of the ocean.

But no matter, as I'll be slaving over an hot stove today instead of an hot computer. I think it will be a rosemary theme this Thanksgiving. The stuffing will transform potato-rosemary bread into a sausage-mushroom savory pudding. The turkey will be brushed with olive oil, using a rosemary twig as the brush, in the Tuscan manner. Rosemary and garlic will infuse the mashed potatos with their own flavor. Finally, rosemary and pinot grigio will add a nice touch to the giblet gravy.

I had better get out to the garden and clip some more rosemary.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are.

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