Solstice 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago, at midnight, on the winter solstice, my mother gave birth to a short, chubby, hairy baby boy. Fifty years later, I'm a short, chubby, balding, bearded 50 year old man.

Not much changes over the years. &#59;)

Open Source: Closing thoughts of Vladimir Stojanovski

Over the past five years, our research into open source BI components has shown few projects supporting BI, and no BI suites, until recently. Bee is the oldest of the open source BI suites, starting in 2002. Five years ago, there was one open source project developing an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool - Jetstream, one for reporting - JasperReports, one for analysis - Mondrian. Of the open source Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), none were optimized for very large databases, or for querying, until this year. There are now over 25 open source projects supporting every aspect of BI, from ETL to the user Portal, including reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), advanced analytics and data mining, workflow, and dashboards. Six of these can be considered BI suites, with all but Bee having launched this year.

Vladimir Stojanovski has written a five-part article in his blog at ITtoolbox. Part of his conclusion is quoted below.

Call me shortsighted, but then this nomer could also apply to the CRM/BI industry indiscriminately (except for the brave souls at places like SugarCRM [see post Open Source: CRM and Business Intelligence (Part 2 - SugarCRM)] and Pentaho [see post Open Source: CRM and Business Intelligence (Part 3 - Pentaho, et al)]). The industry is finally being forced to take Open Source seriously not necessarily because we think it is a great movement, but because our clients are forcing us to do so. An increasing number of companies are adopting Open Source in fundamental areas such as operating systems (Linux), database platforms (MySQL, PostgreSQL), application servers (JBoss), and web servers (Apache). This foundational platform is then forcing itself onto enterprise-class applications, such as CRM.end quotation
-- Open Source: Closing thoughts, I think... (Part 5) by Vladimir Stojanovski

As shown in my opening paragraph, the open source movement is responding to the interest in open source solutions for enterprise applications, particularly, BI. You can check out the links in the side column of this blog for a list of open source BI suites and tools being developed. We'll be continuing with our research and use of open source BI solutions over the past year, and I think it will be some time beyond that before we, or Vladimir, or anyone else, actually writes the final Closing Thoughts on open source BI.

VC Money for Pentaho

Open Source Business Intelligence is gaining ground and seems to be in the radar of VC firms. Pentaho, a provider of Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) software has received $5 million in series A funding.

Other Pentaho news include:

Event Horizon

Over on his blog, Tech Linkletter, my old neighbor comments on Sun's open source strategy.

But while some companies in the same position might simply fade quietly into nonexistance, that didn’t seem likely with Sun. CEO Scott McNealy and President Jonathan Schwartz have always struck me as the "just crazy enough to do it" types--a personality trait not commonly seen in senior executives. What if Sun didn’t set? What if it went supernova instead?"

"Even if the open source plan works, it seems like a recipe for making Sun a much smaller company in the long run. And in the cold reality of space, supernovas happen just before suns die."end quotation
-- "Sun Continues Free Spree" by Chris Lindquist, 2005 December 08, CIO

I tried to submit the following comment, but seem to have failed, so here it is.

Sun seemed as though it was faltering badly over the past few years; the spark about to go out. &#59;) With this new strategy, it may indeed supernova. But stars don't all die after such an event, it might end up as a black hole - pulling all around it into itself, or at least its sphere of influence.

Remember, that in addition to its open source stratgies, Sun has been following an acquisition strategy as well.

So, old neighbor of mine, as you say, we'll see in a few years. But don't discount any aspect of Sun's strategy to remake itself as a total data management solutions company.

Open Source BI - Dumbest Predictions

My search for Open Source BI predictions on Google led to the following mash-up

We're looking for the "Top 11 dumbest IT predictions for 2006. ... This survey explores two themes: use and adoption of open-source BI software and use and ..end quotation
Google Search

Ah, totally unrelated articles. At least until they find the 11 Dumbest IT Predictions for 2006.

Though one of the prediction hints is somewhat related.

Larry Ellison will invent a new kitchen appliance, quit his job and start doing late-night infomercials.end quotation

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