Christmas Throughout the Blogosphere

Christmas day is almost done. We've come upstairs from my parents'. [For those who don't know, 6 years ago I bought a home with two apartments so that my parents, in their 70's could come live out here - of course, they're both in better health than I am] &#59;)

Supper tonight was more simple than in the years when Bunkey, a college chum, moved from California to Iraq. Without his appetite, we just can't eat like in the olden times.

  1. We had some snacks early in the afternoon, truffled paté, hams and cheeses, greek olives in oil
  2. We just finished supper, and that started with the traditional holiday soup of small Abruzzi meatballs, cubes of parseley frittata, & spinach in chicken stock
  3. A simple green salad and ravioli in meat sauce

And finally, we ate the chocolate cake that was bought for my birthday this past Solstice.

The blogosphere was fairly quite quiet this holiday. The most entertaining meme happening around Dave Winer's sentiments and Mike Arrington's response. Miss Rogue said it was raining in San Francisco; well, 20 miles south along the coast, it was storming most of the day - heavy winds, heavy rain. And Letti stopped by for a visit - thank you Letti, the food was good; I wish I could let you taste it. That's what we really need, realization of the MIME type X-matter-transport. It's in the RFC after all. I also want to wish happy holidays to Nick, another BI consultant that we just met through our Open Source Solutions blog. I thought it was very funny when Dave started reciting carols in his wordpress blog.

I think that everyone, especially Dave and Mike, needs to read Shel's most wondrous holiday posts...

To my partner, Clarise, who's visiting family in the land of Oz. Happy day after to you , your sisters and their husbands, and to Athena, Sophia, Aletheia and Fedder. And of course to all your family in the Philippines. Kwawa ng Clarise... She's in blogging hell. She wouldn't take a laptop, after all, the house is full of computers and WiFi, and she can always moBlog. Except, all the computers are being used for family video projects, and she can't get a signal from her sister's home. Oh well, maybe we'll have some vlogs when she gets back. :>>

And to all, a good night.

update, 23h47 PST: The storm now has thunder and lightning. Cool. There is nothing more awesome than lightning bolts hitting the ocean.

Christmas Eve 2005 Menu

I lied about tonight's menu. I can't just do two courses. There will be three.

  1. Yes, as in all years gone by, we'll start with a soup of white beans and anchovies made by my father, as made by his father before him using an old Abruzzi recipe.
  2. The pasta dish will be chunks of local tuna baked with peeled, seeded roma tomatoes, capers, calamati olives (house cured at Colombo's) and garlic, served over saffron fettuccini by rustichella d'abruzzo, purchased at Colombo's.
  3. Wild halibut served with bluelake green beans (couldn't find fresh fava beans) cooked in a fish stock and garlic mashed potatoes

Dessert would be a selection of Italian cookies that Mom bought.

And once again, Happy Holidays, safe journeys and good eating to all who won't be eating here tonight, and my family and friends wherevever you are this year.

Oh Christmas Eve

Our family's tradition is to have a meal of seven fishes (well seafood anyway) on Christmas Eve. But this year, having learned from last year, we're only doing two. What's different is that our friend Bunkey is spending his second Christmas in Iraq.

  1. Yes, in years gone by, we always started with a soup of white beans and anchovies.
  2. This was followed by baccala (salted cod) prepared with tomatoes, calamati olives and capers served with toasted polenta wedges or simmered in milk and savories and whisked into soft polenta.
  3. Clams in a broth with pancetta and leeks
  4. The pasta dish might be prawns with pancetta and arugala in olive oil and garlic, over spaghetti. Or it might be local tuna in one sauce or another over tagliatelli.
  5. Always, there would be smelts, deep fried.
  6. Salmon, baked flank or grilled steaks, served with garlic mashed potatoes
  7. A firm white fish, maybe sea bass or halibut, baked and served over fresh fava beans cooked in a fish stock

Dessert would almost always be a selection of Italian cookies.

But Bunkey's in the desert, and we can't eat all that fish without him. Well, the anchovies and beans are a must - Dad will make that. And then whatever I can find fresh over at Princeton Harbor. Mom's already bought the cookies. Oh, and cake, chocolate cake, to celebrate my 50th.

Happy Holidays, safe journeys and good eating to all my family and friends wherevever you are this year.

Crackers for Christmas Suck

Crackers planted some nasty software on one of our servers, and were using the dear machine for launching Denial of Service attacks. Of course, they did this whilst the technical brains of our organization were off for the holidays. Clarise, I hope that you're enjoying Australia. :>>

The crackers were apparently from Brazil. The strings from the scripts were in Portuguese. Dont' they know that the Italian farmers and Portuguese fishermen worked together to build the San Mateo coast. What are these idiots doing? :crazy:

Once again, I would like to thank the tech support folk at ServerBeach for helping me with this problem.

Nicholas Goodman

I recently came across the blog of Nicholas Goodman, a BI professional who writes about open source tools, Oracle Warehouse Builders, and other BI topics.

I commented on his post about KETL vs KETTLE.

Check him out.

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