Converting Songs Bought in iTunes to mp3

If you have bought songs in iTunes and want to play it in your Palm or other devices (in my case using PocketTunes for my Palm LifeDrive) and need a mp3 format to do it, here are some ways to do it.

Use Audacity, an OpenSource software to convert it


Try this method:

1. From your iTunes, burn the CD of the songs you purchased using the iTunes preference Disc Format: Audio CD. Just go to Edit -> Preference -> Advanced -> Burning. Note: iTunes will not allow you to burn MP3 CD for songs you bought. To Burn CD, just click on the Burn Disc icon &#59;D

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2. Use your mp3 ripping software, in my case, I used, Windows Media player. Click on the Rip tab. Right click the Rip tab and a pop up menu comes up. Choose Tools -> Options . From Options, click on Rip Music. Under Rip Settings, Format choose: mp3.

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3. Rip the songs you bought and burned to the Audio CD. The songs converted to mp3 format will be created in the directory as specified in your preferences directory in Windows Media Player. Media Player created a subdirectory under this called Unknown Artist\Unknown Album (Date TimeStamp), e.g. D:\myhomedirectory\My Music\Unknown Artist\Unknown Album (5-13-2006 10-58-55 AM)

4. Transfer your mp3 files to your non-iPod MP3 player, in my case the LifeDrive

Transfer to LifeDrive
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Tuna Salad Tonno Style

I have been told many times over the years that my taste in tuna salad is quite odd for an American. It must harken back four generations to my Italian roots. There's no mayonaise in the sandwich, and certainly none of that sweet sandwich dressing stuff. And while I might on other days enjoy a more standard tuna salad of mayo, dill pickle relish, and celery, I never go for sweet or bread-and-butter pickles or red onion in my tuna. Being all alone today, I indulged in one of my favorite lunches.

The starting ingredients might seem a bit strange to you.

Celery Calamati Capers Garlic Anchovy for Tapenade
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The celery stalk is for dicing. The anchovy, marinated garlic clove, calamati olives and capers are for the tapenade, which I do at a medium to fine chop with my knife. Add tonno canned in olive oil from Italy, and local extra virgin olive oil from Napa Valley [both bought at Colombo's Deli], and that's the ingredient list.

Tapenade Diced-Celery Tuna EVO-Oil
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I hollowed out the heel of some chewy, flavorful Henry's Harvest from Grace Baking, lined it with a leaf or two of romaine lettuce, and stuffed it with the salad. Added a real Manahatan style pickle that's packed in brine without vinegar or preservatives, and Maverick's Amber fresh from the brew pub, and I had lunch.

Tuna Sandwich Pickle and Beer
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Ah! It was wonderful. :p

Nice Spring Day At Filoli

After all these years living in the SF Bay Area, I finally went to Filoli. My friend Edy and myself enjoyed the beautiful day. After a weird rainy past few months and weeks, the sun is back!

The flowers at Filoli were amazing. I know my pictures do not really do justice to the beauty I saw. But, enjoy it anyway &#59;D

Flowers at Filoli
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Purple Filoli Flowers
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Flowers at Filoli
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Yes, spring is here at last.


Tim's been working on the Flaky Electricity at the house. One thing that he's found is that at each of the ceiling light fixtures that have shorted out, there is corrosion of the wiring within the fixture, and there is voltage on the line, even with the switch off. The voltage isn't high, 12, 15 and 30 volts at each of the three fixtures. This isn't likely to be a problem short term. Over years, it might explain the fixtures shorting out. He's checked everything, and can't flind any wonky splices or other obvious causes.

The only obvious ground for the house, was to the water inlet pipe, and the ground wire is above the regulator and faucets.

House Ground Wire at Inlet Pipe
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After moving STUFF and the two 6-foot by 6-foot windows that the previous owner coerced us into buying, that have sat for 7 years [still trying to figure out exactly where to put them and how to replace the 12-foot x 12-foot window in the living room], I discovered a second ground.

Old Ground Rod into Foundation
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But is it a good ground? ... a bad ground? ... rusted to dust in the ground?

Tim will find out on Wednesday, I'm sure.

Oh well, at least he'll have a clear area in which to work, both inside

Inside the Garage looking at the back of the Electrical Service Box
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and outside

Electrical Service Box from Outside
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Open Source BI Surveys

Two colleagues have recently pointed us to two different surveys concerning Open Source Business Intelligence.

Christian Donner is running a survey in support of his upcoming talk at the June Enterprise Open Source Conference in New York.

Donner OSBI PHPsurveyor

The President of the PMI recently pointed us to this survey by the Cutter Consortium

Cutter Consortium OSBI KeySurvey

Christian's survey is a quick 4 (or 5 depending on your answer to 4) questions on use of various BI tools. The Cutter survey is more comprehensive, but can still be completed in well under an half-hour.

Please help expand the statsitical base on using open source business intelligence and fill out these surveys.

Update: We've added a module to our OSBI Lens to list surveys covering open source projectsfor business intelligence solutions. If you know of, or are running one, please let us know via the comments here, and we'll add it to the list.

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