Commercial Spread Sheet Services

Pentaho and Simba Technologies announced today their Spreadsheet Service allowing Microsoft Office users to access Pentaho OLAP using Microsoft Excel's Pivot Tables. Under the terms of their agreement, Pentaho becomes the exclusive distributor of Simba’s Microsoft Excel connectivity technology for use with Mondrian, which will be delivered and branded as Pentaho Spreadsheet Services.

We're trying to get more information about this new service.

[Quick Update:] Lance Walter of Pentaho quickly responded to our request for more information, and provided a link from the Pentaho Analysis page to the Pentaho Spreadsheet Services FAQ.

Spreadsheet Services is basically a client-side library. It sits on the client machine, and translates ODBO calls from Excel’s PivotTable Service into XML/A calls that go to Pentaho Analysis Services / Mondrian. [Pentaho Spreadsheet Services] works with Mondrian “standalone” – meaning Mondrian deployed without any of the rest of the Pentaho platform. So if you’re an existing, happy Mondrian user and want to use Pentaho Spreadsheet Services, you don’t need to deploy or configure the Pentaho platform to use it.end quotation
-- From Lance Walter, VP Marketing, Pentaho

Commercial Open Source Appliance by Sun and Greenplum

The online article Sun and Greenplum Launch Commercial Open Source Data Warehouse Appliance for Business Intelligence by announced the use of Solaris 10 OS and Bizgres MPP "to deliver a turnkey appliance capable of analyzing hundreds of terabytes of business data at a better price-performance than virtually any product on the market". It sounds really neat (and we’d love to play with such an appliance &#59;D) but as I read the article, I couldn’t help but wonder if the market is ready for it. Yes, there is a lot of buzz about Open Source BI right now but are enterprises really investing on new infrastructure and technology?

OSCON 2006

OSCon 2006 started today. For a variety of reasons, we had to cancel our plans to be there. But being very interested in the news from OSCon, we found the best was to keep track is through the Technorati Tag...

Current Self-Publishing Industry

The current self-publishing industry doesn't seem to be addressing the ills facing the publishing industry today, nor emulating traditional publishers' strengths, but, rather, seems to be targeted on producing wonderful-looking bound books for authors or special purposes ranging from photo-albums to corporate communications. This is what I've taken away from C|Net News' great overview from the New York Times on the various aspects of the self-publishing industry, Technology rewrites the book. I learned of this article via Joe Wikert in his post:The New York Times on Self-Publishing.

Joe Wikert writes about the challenges and short-falls of the traditional publishing industry, especially in regards to technical publications. We've written about our own frustrations experiences [as I actually agree with the publishers that the time for this topic as a book is past - it wasn't a year ago, but it is now] in OSBI Book Status.

I don't get the impression that the self-publishing industry, in its current form, is addressing long time-to-market issues, relevancy, incremental publishing & updates, or the apparent need for multiple-format publishing and access through various means, from different locations at different times that we're seeing. The self-publishing industry also seems to abandoning the strengths of the traditional publishers, including editing and peer review.

Perhaps the answer to the technical book publishing woes lies in an integration of online publishing techniques with self-publishing. We're beginning to work on this through the use of blog, wiki and lens for our Open Source Business Intelligence research project. Would you, our readers, consider paying a subscription fee for premium content? Would anyone be interested in having the capability to have that content in multiple formats such as PDF, Motricity eBook and/or bound books? Would you pay a premium above the subscription price to do so? Should we start a new business based on the answers to these questions?

We've started to get answers to some of these questions. And maybe we should.

Air Conditioning Fixed

Yep, the air conditioner is fixed. No, not the type with compressors and fans that use electricity. Living in NoCal, I haven't seen that type of air conditioner [outside of commercial buildings] in a long time. Nope, I'm talking about the FOG. The fog is back. Let's see how quickly it cools down the inland areas that got up near 110F yesterday. And... Will our natural marine layer air conditioning help forestall the Stage 1 power crises in the Bay Area?

UPDATE: The fog burned off and it's warming up again.

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