Multidimensional Cube - Simple Explanation for Users

The concept of multidimensional cube is a good way to help users understand how they may want to query the multidimensional database or create OLAP reports. The dimensions of a cube are stored in a database table.

The data cube in the diagram below is composed of there dimensions: Customer, Product and Time.

Data Cube

This cube would allow query BY customer, BY time and BY product. Hence, sample query could be selecting a customer BY time and BY Product.

Additional dimensions (e.g. sales territory, sales person, etc) increase the size of the cube geometrically.

Archive of Open Source Business Intelligence Lens on Squidoo

In an effort to keep our Open Source Business Intelligence Lens on Squidoo current, we have removed some modules. Please see OSBI Archive on the TIAPress OSBI Wiki.

Thank you again for visiting our lens, blogs and wiki. &#59;D

Joy and Sorrow

Felt a little down today .. then I remembered this ...

The deeper the sorrow carves into your being, the more joy it can contain... end quotation by Kahlil Gibran


PalmSource Open Source

PalmSource, an Access CO, LTD company, has been making several announcements in advance of their PalmSource day at LinuxWorldSF this coming Wednesday, August 16, including:

If you're at LinuxWorldSF this week, look for us [we'll be wearing black shirts with the following embroidery...

IASC InterASC TeleInterActive Embroidery
Click to view original size

We can talk about PalmSource and ALP, open source business intelligence, data warehousing and collaboration, or whatever else comes up. Maybe we'll even publish it as a podcast.

See you at LinuxWorld.

Zimbra, Jira and Alfresco test drives

Recently, Dave Rosenberg provided exactly the type of information on open source software that I like to see. The post shows the utility of the software, as well as any perceived flaws; it also provides both technologist and user viewpoints. He concentrated on open source solutions for collaboration through document/content management, project management and email.

I am currently having a developer friend test drive several open source applications that could ostensibly make up a full enterprise architecture. I suppose the main idea is to be able to move away from Microsoft server products but keep the same level of features and management functionality.end quotation
"Zimbra, Jira and Alfresco test drives" in Open Sources by Dave Rosenberg

For a complete enterprise architecture though, I think two other application types are essential: ERP, which is the backbone of finance, administration and operations, and Business Intelligence, which is the only way to understand the business' operations and place in the market, one's role in the business, and confidently plan business growth.

For ERP, Compiere seems the way to go; for BI, Pentaho is taking the lead.

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