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That would be me of course. :>> I drove the 9 miles down the Cabrillo Highway to the Ritz of Half Moon Bay to join Robert & Patrick Scoble, Hasan Diwan [another OraAlum - hey, Hasan, are you a member?], Bud Ozborn [Bud, I removed the link I had for you, as I must have gotten it wrong - it goes to a domain sales site - my apologies] and Don MacAskill at NoFoo. Robert was live blogging over his EV-DO card - no WiFi out by the Firepit.

There were many intersting topics of conversation, which Robert has written about. One that hasn't made it onto his blog yet is about Personal Space, Public Space and the control of one's identity and data. This is central to living the TeleInterActive Lifestyle™ and so really grabbed my attention. [Pun intended.] :P Here are some links from or related to the conversation.

It was a very interesting afternoon. Just what I needed after my earlier frustrations: great geeky conversation, campari and soda, and sushi.

Difficult Lowe's

I spent over three hours in a local Lowe's yesterday, trying to buy material to continue with my home remodeling.

  • Glass Block for an art deco accent to the stairwell bookcase
  • Components to install the glass block
  • DecoLav lavatory consoles
  • 60"x36" whirlpool bath
  • Stone floor and complimentary wall tiles
  • Shower doors, faucets, etc, etc, etc to complete the picture

First, I waited for help in plumbing. After several pages and an half-hour, I decided to move on.

The person who helped me with my glass block design seemed knowledgeable, but, in a case of the experienced meeting the innovative :lalala: he was convinced, after an half-hour, that I couldn't make my vision a reality. I decided to regroup back at home, take his knowledge and then prove him wrong: 5 glass "arches", each made of three of these stacked up and topped with one of these, set "back-to-back" as it were. Maybe it will work, maybe not, but I think it will look very cool.

Back in plumbing, I was passed from person to person, without any success in being able to order what I wanted. After two hours of this, I left, too frustrated to even begin trying with the flooring and tiles.

Today, I thought I would revisit their web site, which has proved so painful in the past. Today was no exception. They have the glass block that I need, listed, but not the components [spacers, anchors, etc] - and no indication of whether the price is per piece or per case [from the store prices, I think per case] nor any indication of how many per case [I know 8 pieces per case from the store for the regular blocks, but how about the end pieces?]

They don't have the 36" wide whirlpools listed on the web site, only the 32". They don't have any "special order" items listed.

What a joke! A cruel joke, frustrating.

Justifying a BI System

Smaller Jotting BI JustificationIt is easy to make generalizations in justifying a Business Intelligence System. Commonly used are:
  • Saves money
  • Helps enterprise to be more competitive
  • Have informed decisions
  • Improve productivity
and many others.

To face the critics of your BI system, quantify and provide specifics for your statements. For example, instead of just saying, it saves money, illustrate how the BI system saves money. If the pain point of your organization, for instance, is that one does not have a central repository of customer information so it takes accounting X amount of time creating an invoice because each time an invoice is created, one has to create a spreadsheet, getting information from multiple sources. It is effective to show how saving the time of accounting and billing the customer faster provides X amount of savings per month. As part of your justification, provide an estimate for the potential increase in receivables per month then multiply by the monetary amount of the average customer transaction.

A BI system that is aligned with business objectives and is able to maintain its economic justification gets buy-in and continuous support from the enterprise.

Bus Rider in SF Bay Area? Free Wi-Fi

I did not get to blog yesterday but I thought this is an interesting article by Some AC Transit buses to offer Wi-Fi service Wireless Internet on crossbay routes to S.F., Peninsula

AC Transit Bus Laptop User
Click to view original size

I guess it is hard to pull out a laptop in crowded bus but it is still a good idea for long bus rides. A smaller form factor like a lifedrive would be convient. Anyway, what I like about it is, it is free Wi-Fi. &#59;D I know, I don't really ride the bus but maybe I'll try it when the service is up and running. Yup, even for just the experience.

FedEx Deceptive Practices

I've been having a lot of trouble with web based vendors sending the wrong information. First, let me say that they need need a better order fulfillment & inventory control system. Perhaps something like the RF Warehouse solution from our partner, Eleusinian Enterprises, LLC.

But today's treatment by FedEx shows amazingly poor customer service. A return was arranged by the vendor via FedEx Ground. I scheduled a pick-up time via their web site, which allows one to select a date for the pick-up and a time by which that pick-up will be made. I scheduled today, before 11:00 a.m. 'Tis after 1:00 p.m. and they haven't arrived, so I phoned FedEx. At least their IVR system allowed me to get to a human quickly, since resolving a problem wasn't an option. I spoke with Jennifer, who checked with her supervisor, who told her to inform me that those times are preferred times, but that FedEx isn't under any obligation to honor them. I told her that I wanted to enter a complaint, as I felt that the FedEx web site was deceptive, since it allows one to select a time by which the pick-up will occur. She put me on hold again, and then their system dropped the call.

The quality of service from FedEx has been steadily declining over the past few years, to the point that we've dropped our corporate account in favor of UPS and DHL. UPS has started failing to deliver on time this year. So far, DHL has been the only one to consistently provide good service. Maybe it's because one of their founders retired to Half Moon Bay some years ago.

So, do I sit here and wait, and get on with my day?

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