Pentaho SQR for Bugzilla

Today, Pentaho launched their new open source project, Software Quality Reports (SQR) for Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System" that allows developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product. We interviewed Lance Walter and Nicholas Goodman of Pentaho for this podcast to get the inside story about this new project.

Software Quality Reports for Bugzilla is the first in a series of focused solutions that Pentaho will be bringing forth in 2006 onward. SQR for Bugzilla is based upon the Pentaho Open BI Suite to provide enhanced reporting and analysis of data from Bugzilla.

Lance pointed out that one reason the first Pentaho solution was for Bugzilla is that Bugzilla has quickly achieved worldwide popularity for its rich functionality, and is used by organizations ranging from open source leaders like The Apache Project, Novell, Open Office, and Red Hat to public- and private-sector organizations including NASA, AT&T, Citigroup, GlaxoSmithKline, France Telecom, Rutgers University,, Siemens and more.

Nick provides a wealth of details on the uses and goals of the SQR for Bugzilla project. Bugzilla is used as a source system for the Pentaho solution, though other source systems, such as configuration management and version control, can be added. The Pentaho SQR for Bugzilla adds reports and analytical slice & dice which allow project managers, end users and developers to answer questions about bug resolution or bug burn that can not be easily answered using only Bugzilla reports. Pentaho SQR for Bugzilla is a separate project, licensed under the open source Mozilla license 1.1, and can be downloaded from Pentaho or Sourceforge.

Screen shots can be found at Sourceforge.

The Pentaho SQR for Bugzilla podcast
is approximately 40 minutes in length and 37 MB in size.

Update: You can read the full press release from Pentaho, New Open Source Project Harnesses World’s Most Popular Open Source BI Suite to Enhance Bugzilla with Reporting and Analysis.

Apple Store is Down

I went to the Apple Store to check on my MacBookPro17 order status, and it's down. No doubt preparing for the announcements today.

Catalogue Season

Christmas must be coming. :p The number of cataglogues that I receive in the mail just jumped for about 6-to-8 per week to 8-to-10 per DAY.

OSBI Coming of Age at LinuxWorld

As we've written before, 2005 saw an explosion of open source business intelligence projects. In 2006, we're starting to see these projects coming of age. This was evident at LinuxWorldSF by the showing of of Open Source BI companies Pentaho, JasperSoft, EnterpriseDB, GreenPlum, PostrgreSQL, MySQL and others. Jacqueline Emigh has a good article at LinuxPlanet, BI Vendors Get Smart Around Linux, Open Source.

No Foo-ling

At NoFoo, I met Bud Ozborn, where we discussed many cool things overlooking a great view. As we were leaving, we agreed to meet again to discuss identity and digital presence. Clarise, Bud and I got together yesterday, starting with morning coffee, through lunch, and into afternoon tea time. It was a great conversation, and Bud pointed us in some directions we hadn't gone before, even within areas with which we're quite familiar:

It was a wondrous day, with great majestic [read foggy] views at Caffè Luca in Montara, and sunny ones at HMB Brewery in Princeton Harbor. Thank you, Bud and Clarise for a marveydoodle conversation. Robert, thanks for introducing us. Bud, I hope you find hosting soon. Dang, I was having so much fun that I forgot to make a pitch on hosting with us. &#59;)

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