Data Powers Business at Informatica World 2016 INFA16

Clarise and I will be attending Informatica World 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This year's theme is "Data Powers Business". There are a host of keynotes, sessions, solutions expo, and roundtables. Four summits give clues to the trends and announcements that we can expect.

  • Cloud Innovation Summit
  • MDM 360 Summit
  • Big Data Ready Summit
  • Data Disruption Summit

Over the past several years, Informatica has been delivering on the promise made with the introduction of the Intelligent Data Platform (IDP). We have had a bit of a peek into how Informatica will continue this evolution in each of these four areas with specific product announcements at Informatica World 2016. Cloud innovation has been happening throughout the past year at Informatica. Of particular note to us, was the support of Salesforce IoT Cloud initiatives at Dreamforce 2015. Informatica Cloud and Data-as-a-Service will provide even more solutions to Informatica customers going forward. Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) solutions will provide specific solutions to give 360º views and improved data governance and quality. Big Data 10.1 was announced at this spring's Strata conference in Santa Clara; more details will be announced at INFA16. Data or digital disruption has been receiving major attention this year. Informatica will be showcasing how improvements to their architecture and IDP, their business transformation services using BOST (business, operations, systems, technology framework), and intelligent use of metadata will help their customers leverage data disruption from third-party, social, IoT and other sources. Security will also be a topic running throughout all of these areas with Informatica's latest, Secure@Source adding to their strong security portfolio. It will also be interesting to see Informatica's building upon Vibe and other products for real-time and streaming data management.

There are two roundtable series that will attract those interested in IoT:

  • IoT: What it means for the Telecommunication, Technology, Automotive and Energy industries
  • Ready for the Internet of Things with MDM and Big Data Relationship Management

We plan to live tweet the event [@JAdP and @CZDS] using #INFA16, as well as additional blog posts. If you plan to attend Informatica World 2016, and would like to meet with us to discuss using Informatica for IoT data management, and preparation for sensor analytics, please DM us on Twitter, or follow the contact link in the footer or author links.

Thunder Rolls through the IoT Cloud

The Internet of Things will never reach its full potential without sensor analytics ecosystems [SAE]. Today, Salesforce announces the IoT Cloud, powered by Thunder, "a massively scalable, real-time event processing engine, IoT Cloud connects billions of events with Salesforce" and, thus, takes the first step to becoming a backbone for SAE.

“Salesforce is turning the Internet of Things into the Internet of Customers,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive officer, Salesforce.“The IoT Cloud will allow businesses to create real-time 1:1, proactive actions for sales, service, marketing or any other business process, delivering a new kind of customer success.”

With these words, the Internet of Connected Products from Dreamforce 2014 merges with the Internet of Customers from Dreamforce 2013. With more than seven billion potential customers, each streaming data from multiple sensors on their person, in their home, though their transportation, and at work, the Salesforce Thunder and IoT Cloud will need to listen to literally trillions of data streams, adding context and updating prior information with current data for ever improving predictives, informing human decisions and improving automated actions.

We are especially excited by the list of partners coming together to enable Thunder and create the IoT Cloud.

Salesforce is accelerating the adoption of IoT Cloud with initial launch partners ARM, Etherios, Informatica, PTC ThingWorx and Xively LogMeln that provide connectivity between devices and the Internet. The company will continue to expand its ecosystem of IoT partners to enable businesses to connect with their customers in a whole new way.

This news was just released. As Clarise and I speak with Salesforce personnel, partners and customers at Dreamforce 2015, and based upon other briefings that come out of embargo throughout the week, we will be updating this post with more information and finer analysis.

Read more:

Prakash Predicts Marketing the Primary Driver of BI in 2015 PaxChat 5

Carrying on with our tweetchat and webinar sessions with the Paxata Data Divas, examining the six predictions of their CEO, Prakash Nanduri, we have arrived at his fifth prediction for 2015 "Marketing becomes the biggest driver of BI decisions". Reading the prediction in full reveals that Prakash is really talking about Shadow IT, and the sift in technology and budget decisions for IT as a whole, and BI specifically, from IT and the CIO to the various lines of business. While this reasoning could apply to the rise of operational intelligence, Prakash cites various research that shows marketing as leading the way through their adoption of self-service BI tools and new sources of data, such as social media. On Wednesday, May 6, we held the first #PaxCat to discuss this prediction. You can follow along in the frame below, if you missed it.

… and listen to our webinar.

There was broad agreement with Prakash. Business Intelligence has been undergoing an evolution in technology at the same time that many of the original BI companies have been acquired by more general enterprise software firms. BI, data warehousing and all data management and analytics [DMA] have really been going in three directions:

  1. self-service BI including Cloud BI or BIaaS
  2. embedded BI, especially in ERP systems but in other areas as well
  3. big data, data science, predictives and other advanced analytics, leveraging machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence

At the same time, numerous new sources of data have sprung into existence. And whether one considers their customer to be someone who pays for your service or product, or a member of your community, or even the citizen of a government, most of these new data sources provide new information about customers and end-users. These data sources include free and paid third-party data sets, open gov and open data about demographics, weather, climate, geolocation, health, parking, traffic and much, much more. Good examples can be found in the Paxata Data Enrichment Library. Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN and the burgeoning Internet of Things [IoT] have added to other Internet data sources, such as email, web traffic logs, shopping carts, mobile and ediscovery to make online data a marketing wet dream.

Whether or not BI is the right term any more, or maybe the older "decision support systems" makes more sense, is irrelevant. Marketing is bout creating an exceptional user experience though marcom, understanding customers, and providing relevance across all touch-points and channels that existing and potential customers might have with your organization. From that perspective, Prakash is certainly right, Marketing will be the primary driver of BI in 2015.

Join us for the sixth Paxata tweetchat by following the hashtag #PaxChat on Wednesday, May 20 at eleven o'clock in the morning, PDT. This is the last PaxChat examining Prakash's prediction. Prediction number 6 is near and dear to Clarise and my hearts "The IoT becomes real for B2B". If you need a bit of a primer on IoT you can check out our previous blog post: "What does IoT all mean?" and our latest Sensor Analytics Systems for IoT mindmap. We look forward to hearing form you. Please check out Cari's post introducing this PaxChat and see the webinar below.

2015 A Make or Break Year for Hadoop

On Wednesday, April 22, Paxata held its fourth tweetchat under the #PaxChat hashtag, exploring the predictions of their CEO, Prakash Nanduri. Prakash's six predictions, used to guide his strategy for Paxata and their customers, are

  1. The lines will blur between data scientists and data analysts.
  2. Microsoft and will take a dominant share of the Cloud based BI market.
  3. Data Preparation replaces Big Data as hottest topic in Enterprise Analytics.
  4. Hadoop faces a make-or-break year in the larger enterprise market.
  5. Marketing becomes the biggest driver of BI decisions.
  6. The IoT becomes real for B2B.

As you can see, the fourth prediction, the subject of our tweetchat, is that 2015 will be a make or break year for hadoop. This is a very interesting strategic foundation stone for a company providing revolutionary self-service data preparation services for big data, and really, all data. Hadoop is often thought to be a synonym for Big Data. It isn't of course. Yet, still, this idea is very ballsy, that the manor repository, archive, ETL and data management platform for Big Data, the Hadoop family of open source projects and commercial products, will either prove itself this year, or fall by the wayside.

I get the point, especially as:

  • I see Data Science being more important than any concept of Big Data.
  • SQL is proving once again its unique value for querying data, for analytics and for data management
  • The Hadoop platform is expanding beyond map/reduce with Spark and Storm
  • Traditional RDBMS technologies are handling Big Data just fine, either with technological innovations or by incorporating Hadoop projects
  • Big Data and Data Science must prove their value in production, moving out of sandboxes and labs

With the Paxata Data Divas: Lilia Gutnik, Dr. Julie Mayhew, Tricia Lee McNabb and Cari Jaquet, Clarise and I developed five questions to guide the discussion.

Q1 #PaxChat Are you looking at #Hadoop, other #NoSQL #bigdata management systems, or is #RDBMS enough?

Q2 #PaxChat Do you have a “layered” approach to storing data based on query or access frequency?

Q3 #PaxChat Will the market prove out this year for #OSS #Apache #Hadoop or any one commercial distribution?

Q4 #PaxChat What enterprise ready features [e.g. reliability, security, maintainability] do you want in a #Hadoop distribution?

Bonus Question: Q5 #PaxChat Do you fish in your data lake, or dive into your data dumpster?

If you missed it, you can follow the discussion in the following frame:

You can also see the background for these #PaxChats and review the webinar on Prediction Four.

Our tweetchat on Prediction 5 "" is coming up on May 6, 11:00 a.m. PDT. You can read more about it in Cari's blog post. See you there.

Hot Topics in Enterprise Analytics PaxChat Three

Once upon a time, as 2014 drew to a close, the Paxata Data Divas asked us to review the predictions made by Prakash Nanduri, their CEO, as published in Forbes. This led to a series of short, 10 minute webinars. We have also decided to do a seres of tweetchats, using the hashtag #PaxChat. As with the webinars, there is one chat per each of the six predictions. Cari Jaquet, VP of Marketing, blogged about this recently.

Prakash Predicts

  1. The lines will blur between data scientists and data analysts.
  2. Microsoft and will take a dominant share of the Cloud based BI market.
  3. Data Preparation replaces Big Data as hottest topic in Enterprise Analytics.
  4. Hadoop faces a make-or-break year in the larger enterprise market.
  5. Marketing becomes the biggest driver of BI decisions.
  6. The IoT becomes real for B2B.

These predictions were more about Prakash understanding the trends impacting Paxata and their customers. As Prakash wrote:

I see it as an exercise in running our business.In fact, I always try to anticipate what the market will look like, where vendors are going, and what I believe the future holds. It’s less like writing horoscopes and more like playing chess: contemplating the big moves that will matter, not necessarily trying to predict who wins the game.

These webinars and tweetchats are not so much about whether or not we agree with Prakash's prognostications; his analysis of the markets and trends. Though we do have fun with that aspect. We are really exploring the landscape around us. How do these trends affect us, our customers, and the industry that has become so important of late, data management and analytics [DMA].

Data Preparation replaces Big Data

Prakash's third prediction is "Data Preparation replaces Big Data as hottest topic in Enterprise Analytics". What is a hot topic? Popular search terms? Twitter trends? Number of meetups in your area devoted to one subject over another? Injuries industry analysts receive? Perhaps.

More important is where is the budget going and where are the skills lacking? Where is the pain in enterprise analytics. The PaxChat on prediction three, held at 11:00 a.m. PDT on April 8, covered these questions for our third tweetchat, exploring these areas.

Q1: Do you back the opinion that 80% of #DataScience is #DataPrep?
Q2: What is the role of #DataPrep in #DataScience?
Q3: What would help you the most in #DataPrep?
Q4: Are #BigData and #DataPrep competing terms, or is one dependent on the other?
Bonus Q: How will new and evolving available data sources impact data quality and governance?

You should also catch the 10-minute webinar on this prediction.

As you can see from these, we had a lively discussion. The big takeaway for me, is that data science, data analytics, big data, business intelligence… all forms of data analysis, even good ol' manual statistics, require data preparation. The excitement around data preparation today is how Paxata leverages Cloud and distributed computing to bring advanced machine learning algorithms to all types of users through current browser technology. This comes together into a marvelous user experience, that allows one to fully, deeply understand their various data sets and how those data sets may be brought together to not only answer known questions, but to suggest new questions to solve business, operational and technical challenges for all types of organizations. Regardless of how you view it, data preparation will be a hot topic, in searches, in budget, as a necessary step in dealing with big data.

The fourth #PaxChat is coming on Wednesday, 2015 April 22, at 11:00 a.m. PDT and will cover Prakash's fourth prediction "Hadoop faces a make-or-break year in the larger enterprise market". We hope to chat with you then.

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