Palm Phone Link Driver for Ericsson T637

Bluetooth connection between the Palm Tungsten T and the Ericsson T637 via Palm Phone Link is not possible. There are no available drivers for the T637.

Because of the unavailability of the Palm Phone Link drivers for the T637, one can't use the phone as a GPRS modem to send and receive e-mail, browse the Web and go out to the internet with the Palm.

An email from Palm support says:
I am really sorry to say that there are no phone drivers available at this moment that is compatible with the Sony Ericson T637. Our developers are working upon the issue and we hope to come out with the drivers soon. So I would advise you to please keep in touch with our website so that you can download the drivers as soon as they are released.

Ericsson Online support email says:
We do not at this time supply drivers for synchronization or connectivity with palm. We only supply drivers for connection between your phone and PC. Please contact the palm company's to see if they will provide support drivers for these phones. This is something that is not supported, but is definetly being discussed.

The last update of the Palm Phone Link drivers were on March 31, 2004 so, hopefully new drivers for newer phone would come out soon.

Verizon's V710 Ticks off the Web

Chris Lindquist writes in Tech LinkLetter about his experience with the Verizon implementation of the Motorola V710 phone. Our research showed the same problems, but with our Palms. Verizon and Motorola have so broken Bluetooth, that we wouldn't be able to hook up to the Internet using our Tungstens and the V710.

There's even some question as to whether or not the V710 can hook-up to non-Motorola Bluetooth headsets.

As ATTWS degrades in service, we've been looking at Verizon as a possible carrier. They have a great reputation and good coverage. But they only have this one Bluetooth phone, and it's broken. :crazy:

Very frustrating. So, we're still searching for the "ideal" mobile and wireless connections.

Comment on The Virtues of Chitchat

Michael Schrage writes the MAKING IT WORK column for CIO magazine. Back in May he wrote the article "The Virtues of Chitchat" concerning the use of web logs for project management. This article, and then the comments to it, raised a question with me. What really differentiates a web log from other collaborative software?

Read more

Techniques to Capture and Analyze Business Requirements

An application system, whether custom developed or bought as a custom off-the-shelf (COTS) or packaged application software, is not useful if it does not meet the needs of its users. The key to a successful project requirements analysis is not just examining business processes with a focus geared towards technical concerns such as system design, architecture and data modeling. It should be balanced with the effective analysis and modeling of the business problem and business process dynamics.

One technique to capture business requirements is to create Use Cases. Use cases describe a way in which the users interact with the system. A well designed use case is complete and uses the point of view of the users and their corresponding roles in relation to the system as well as their interaction.

Another technique is creating a business process flow diagram or sometimes called Process Flow Diagram. It enables the understanding of and the analysis of business activities through a graphic description.

There are other techniques to capturing and analyzing business requirements. The important key to remember is: The ROI of the system is achieved if the project team creates the technical solution that truly meets the needs of the users.

My Old Neighbor's New Blog

Art, I mean Tech, I mean Chris, :)) once my neighbor, and still the technology editor at CIO magazine has a new blog, Tech Linkletter. I guess this means that his old blog at CIO sister publication Darwin will see no new entries.

Now that we can't go for coffee and chatting at the local cafe or just toss comments across the fence, I'm looking forward to continuing our discussions from one coast to the other through the blogoshpere.

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