Business Process Outsourcing and Distributed Work

Last night we attended an Oracle Alumni speaker forum: "Sohaib Abbasi Off the Record". Mr. Abasi is the President and CEO of Informatica. He is a very entertaining speaker and made many interesting observations concerning the software industry. One in particular struck a chord in regards to one aspect of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle, distributed workgroups.

Mr. Abasi feels that Business Process Outsourcing will be a major driver of changes in the software industry.

Primarily, he feels that BPO will change the need for enterprise software packages such as HRIS, ERP and CRM. AFter all, companies that outsource a business process, such as HR, won't need to buy these enterprise packages, the hardware to run on, post-sales consulting to integrate them, and specialists to support them.

He also feels that this will increase the need for data integration software, such as Informatica products, and services, such as we provide.

Good for us. :D

Christmas Day

I'm spending the day doing things I enjoy. I'm cooking...

  • A simple Ragu - a pasta sauce with roma tomatoes cooked down and processed through a food mill and poured over roasted pork, veal shanks garlic cloves and onion, and then braised in the oven for another hour or two, with meatballs added an hour before serving
  • Cheese and Spinach Ravioli from my favorite Italian Deli - Colombo's in Pacifica
  • Green Beans sofrito - blanched and shocked Italian green beans, sauteed in olive oil, onions, and pitted/sliced calamati olives to server with Pork Roast after the Primi
  • Caesar Salad

A "big ragu" would have more meats, and definitely sausages. :p

Dad is making the holiday soup: chicken stock, spinach, little meatballs and cubes of parsley frittata.

Dessert will be the fine assortment of Italian cookies and fruitcake, brandied egg nog and coffee.

I'm reading up on Zigbee, the UWB protocol that was recently ratified.

I'm blogging and playing more with b2evo "Paris" and setting up a sandbox & theme for a customer.

I'm staying in touch with friends around the globe and the US through email, eGreetings, mobile phones, IM, SMS, MMS and blogs.

Just a nice relaxing day.

Back to the stove I go. :>>

Solstice to Epiphany

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy Holidays

From Solstice onward, may you have one Epiphany after another.

Peace, Joy and Prosperity in 2005,
From Clarise, Joseph, and all at Team InterASC and TeleInterActive press.

First 3 Rules of Data Normalization for Newbies - Part 3

This is the last of the series on the 3 Rules of Normalization for Newbies. If you have forgotten the first 2 rules, review the 2 previous blogs because inherent to the 3NF Rule is compliance with the first two.

The 3NF Rule states: "No non-UID can depend upon another non-UID attribute." This basically means an entity is in the Third Normal Form if it is in 2NF and every one of its attributes is NOT dependent on any other describing attribute.

Let us consider the following example:

Training_Score is dependent on Training_Date. To make this in 3NF, move Training_Score and Training_Date to the entity Training.

So, this concludes our series on the 3 First Normalization Rules. The complete picture of our simple example is:

First 3 Rules of Data Normalization for Newbies - Part 2

In yesterday's blog, I discussed 1NF. Today, as promised, is the blog about 2NF.

The 2NF Rule states: "An attribute must depend upon its entity's entire UID". This basically means that every one of the attributes is functionally dependent on the whole key. Also, implicit to this rule is the fact that the entitiy is in its 1NF. So, if you have forgotten what 1NF is all about, review yesterday's blog. &#59;D

Consider the following example:

The attribute Warehouse_Location is not functionally dependent on Emp_ID. To make this Entity Relationship Diagram in 2NF, move the attribute Warehouse_Location to the entity Warehouse. To be compliant with the 1NF, Warehouse_Location is put in its basic form as Warehouse_Address1, Warehouse_City, Warehouse_State, Warehouse_ZIPCode.

This will result in:

Tomorrow's blog is the last installment of this series on the First 3 Rules of Normalization.

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