Bad Dream

It's been said that you're working too hard when your dreams are all about your work. Of course, 'tis also said that we solve problems in our dreams. Last night I dreamed that spammers were trying to infest our blogs with daemonic software. Now this is serious malware! This kept waking me up all night, rather early morning, as I hadn't gotten to be 'til after 1:00. I finally just got up to go back to work, and sure enough, an unwanted site had made it through our anti-spam defenses with a trackback.

Zapped now, of course.

No daemons either. :>

The Day Zoo Animals Posed for Me

Through the Oracle Alumni Network, I managed to get in touch with my friend, Sue, after almost 7 years. It was a beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco so we had brunch at the Beach Chalet. We decided to walk off what we ate :P and walked from the Beach Chalet to the Cliff House and back along the beach.

It was still early so we went to the San Francisco Zoo. Normally, when I take pictures of the animals in the zoo, they seem to walk away and all I get is their behind. Well, this time it was different. The animals did pose for me.

Mr. Polar Bear actually walked in front of us

and sat there.

Mr. Lion posed for me

and then put his head down so I can take a picture of Mrs. Lion.

Either it was my lucky day because the animals were in a photo session mood or I fooled them by taking pictures with my phone. :))

Coming Soon to a Cell Phone Near You

... Just about everything it seems.

This past week has brought an amazing number of announcements on new services for your mobile phone or your wireless internet connection.

  • Television
  • Search
  • VoIP
  • MMORPG and other multi-player games
  • Business Apps
  • Education

I must admit that I don't really understand the fascination with squinting at tiny screens. 320x320 pixels - as on a decent PDA - is about as low as I can go.

However, whether you're accessing these, and other services, directly on your phone, smartPhone, PDA, Pad, Slate or TabletPC, your ability to do more on the move will increase dramatically this year.

Both Verizon and Cingular had announcements about TV on your cell phone. And Phillips is making the TV chips for your phone.


local Y! Search

Y! Send to Phone

... Google and Ask Jeeves have all announced enhancements for mobile searching. Though I've been using Alta Vista on my Palm through AvantGo since the old Omnisky days - and still do.

Skype comes to your phone.

IDC says mobile gaming is the next big thing, as does Anita Wilhelm.

Of course, we've always been about bringing business applicaitons to you when and where you need it most, via whatever device you use; mostly extending data marts, business intelligence apps and collaboration tools into the mobile and wireless space. But recent announdements include:

And an interview in Innovate Online [free registration required] with Chris Dede, Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has that

Dede argues that our definition of "learning technology tools" will continue to expand in response to new developments such as handheld gaming devices, massively multiplayer online games, wireless mobile technologies such as pocket PCs, and electronic "smart objects" embedded in everyday environments.

A great week for the TeleInterActive Lifestyle. :D

Budding Fashion Designer

I received via snail mail today a letter from Sophia, my 12-year 13-year old niece in Australia. With it she sent me her fashion designs. They are amazingly good. Her work made me so proud of her that I thought I'd post her work on my blog. She asked me to give her feedback so she can improve them. Feel free to give her feedback on my blog but please be nice ... I am very protective :))

On Our Way

This was our view over Crystal Springs Reservoir on our way to a meeting in San Mateo...

Fog over Crystal Springs

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