Server Woes

We encountered some server problems this week, one at a customer, and one of our own.

Our partner couldn't get Oracle to install on the customer's brand new, big honking Windows 2003 server. It turned out that the server had both of its NICs turned on, when the specs for it only had one called out. Oracle couldn't find itself. Our partner figured it out, shut down the NIC that wasn't needed, and all proceeded well, before our scheduled "support call" with him. Good job.

One of our Red Hat Linux ES3 servers failed during an update. My partner tracked it down to the RPM database being corrupted. This happens when an update or install takes "too long" - whatever that means in computer time. XX( Removing the database files and rebuilding them saved the day. Thanks to Google and various open source support forums for leading us to this successful conclusion.

Let's hope the rest of the week goes as well as today went, and better than Monday was.

Well Spent Saturday

The past few days have been stressful. I find solace in remembering my family and love ones who bring joy to my life. Hence, today, I immersed myself in something non-career oriented. I spent most of the day creating our family online album. My family does not live near each other - we live in different parts of the world - so we collaborate a lot using the web.

My nephew, Raph is my tester and co-administrator. He has been helping me with the site. I found him online and sent him an instant message. Therefore, I got him involved with my Saturday project - from the other side of the world. :P

I used Coppermine. I set up the different categories and albums under each category. I uploaded the digital pictures and scanned non-digital photos. Some pictures made me say: "Wow, I was so chubby when I was a small girl". Pictures of my nieces and nephews made me smile and say we have good genes. &#59;D Happy memories filled my mind but at the same time made me miss my family.

I was not productive in terms of career today but it is a Saturday well spent.


A file that has been floating around since the dawn of the world wide web is .htaccess. Many folk, especially in the early days, considered this file to be about WHO could access a given web page. And while that type of access can certainly be managed through this file, it masks the true importance of .htaccess. This is about HOW the web site is accessed.

One example is this blog. Without .htaccess, you would need to access this blog through some horrendously long URL that gave you no clue as to what this post was about, and expose some of the underlying technologies used to dynamically create this page. And that's the key. As more web content is dynamically generated, as opposed to being static HTML files, through Wikis, Content Management Systems and the like, .htaccess has become much more important than in the early days.

.htacess keeps accessing your web content simple.

FAQ: ORACLE_HOME Selector in 10g

This blog is for those who are used to prior versions of Oracle on Windows and are just starting to use Oracle 10g in the Microsoft Windows platform. Yes, it is also for those who want to learn something new or those new to Oracle. &#59;D Why? Well, it answers one question I have frequently encountered: "Where is the 'Home Selector' Utility?"

The "Home Selector Utility" is a handy utility that enables one to easily change from one ORACLE_HOME to another. As Oracle users know, you cannot install some Oracle products in the same ORACLE_HOME.

In 10g, it has been moved to the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). After you start the OUI, click on "Installed Products". Click on the "Environment" tab and there it is... Wondering why it is there? Sorry, that’s one FAQ, I don’t know the answer to. :roll:

Newsgator Headlines

I want to thank Gordon Weakliem of Newsgator. We were having trouble integrating Newsgator Headlines [feeds from a particular grouping of feeds in a Newsgator account] into a new site we are developing for our Professional Services group.

Gordon has been very responsive in the Newsgator Forums in resolving this issue.

We should be going live with our new site in the next few days. We'll announce it then. :D

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