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Comments to Global Neighborhoods Overview v2.0

I decided to relax by reading Shel Israel's latest overview for his publishing project, "Global Neighborhoods". Such globalization is a natural outcome of the TeleInterActive Lifestyle, extending business processes through offsourcing, corporate… more »

Bayosphere is Ramping UP

05/28/05 | by Joseph A. di Paolantonio [mail] | Categories: General Thoughts
The Bayosphere is going live, as they announce in "Forums go live. Talk amongst ourselves....". They're still more than a month away from their formal launch, but they're ramping up with forums, a new central blog, and a search for some part-time "hosts… more »

No Aloe Vera Here

05/10/05 | by Joseph A. di Paolantonio [mail] | Categories: General Thoughts
Recently, our main corporate site for InterActive Systems & Consulting, Inc. (iasc.COM) has been getting numerous requests from India for Aloe Vera information. I think they want the International Aloe Science Council (iasc.ORG). The difference bei… more »


While blog surfing on this rainy Sunday, I came across the Blahgies: "The worst of the worst in the blogshpere". And since I write about the best of the best [or not] of whatever suits me at the moment, I took some time to read through the Blahgies. Ve… more »

Solstice to Epiphany

Happy Holidays to all. From Solstice onward, may you have one Epiphany after another. Peace, Joy and Prosperity in 2005, From Clarise, Joseph, and all at Team InterASC and TeleInterActive press. more »

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