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Apps on my iPhone

11/16/08 | by Joseph A. di Paolantonio [mail] | Categories: Mobile, Wireless
In January of 2007, I wrote that the iPhone didn't qualify as meeting my perfect handheld criteria. Now that I own one, and now that the app store has been open for five months, but mostly because Tawny Press has bought a new iPhone and asked for app ad… more »

Bus Rider in SF Bay Area? Free Wi-Fi

08/25/06 | by Clarise Z. Doval Santos [mail] | Categories: Mobile, Wireless
I did not get to blog yesterday but I thought this is an interesting article by Some AC Transit buses to offer Wi-Fi service Wireless Internet on crossbay routes to S.F., Peninsula Click to view original size I guess it is hard to p… more »

Converting Songs Bought in iTunes to mp3

05/13/06 | by Clarise Z. Doval Santos [mail] | Categories: Mobile, Mobile, Music
If you have bought songs in iTunes and want to play it in your Palm or other devices (in my case using PocketTunes for my Palm LifeDrive) and need a mp3 format to do it, here are some ways to do it. Use Audacity, an OpenSource software to convert it… more »

Handhelds will Replace Laptops

"Handhelds will Replace Laptops" and desktops, and clip boards, note pads, planners, sticky notes and more. This is a concept to which I subscribe whole heartedly. The question is what's an handheld? Is an handheld a PDA, a smart phone, a Linux Slat… more »

Ask for the Map

06/07/05 | by Joseph A. di Paolantonio [mail] | Categories: Mobile, Wireless
We've been writing about our frustration with finding a signal, and the even more frustrating prospect of selecting a new phone, and maybe a new carrier, only to discover - after your two week trial, that you don't have a good or consistent signal everyw… more »

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