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PaxChat Two Cloud BI Dominance

The Cloud…Bring distributed resources up when you need them, shut them down when you don’t.Focus IT and business resources on the important opportunities and fun challenges.Watch development and operations skills merge into devops. Interw… more »

Paxata's CEO and co-founder Prakash Nanduri's 2015 Predictions Tweet Chats

Paxata's Co-founder and CEO, Prakash Nanduri, made six predictions in Forbes as part of his strategic planning for 2015. In addition to a series of webinars, the Paxata Data Divas, Joseph A. di Paolantonio and the twitter community discusses these predictions in a series of tweetchats. more »

Paxata Revealed

The week of 2013 October 28 was a big one for Paxata, Inc. Founded in 2012 January, with advisories, beta customers or "Pax Pros" and 12 sprints, Paxata quietly relased their first GA product in 2013 May. With panels and debuts at the Strata + Hadoop con… more »

What Does IoT all mean?

The Internet of Things has expanded in many directions: Smarter Planter, Internet of Everything, Industrial Internet and more, but is in danger of being a passing fancy, unless Sensor Analytics Ecosystems make it relevant. more »

Pentaho Acquires Webdetails for Great UX

After many years of depending on the Community Dashboard Framework as the core of the dashboard capabilities, Pentaho has acquired Webdetails to bring that UX expertise into all their products. In addition, Webdetails will continue to provided Pentaho professional services. And as the best piece of this news, Pedro Alves, while continuing in his role heading up Webdetails, will be the new SVP of Community. more »

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