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Thunder Rolls through the IoT Cloud

Salesforce announce IoT Cloud, powered by Thunder. IoT Cloud empowers businesses to connect data from the Internet of Things, as well as any digital content, with customer information, giving context to data and making it actionable—all in real-time. Thunder, a part of the Salesforce App Cloud, is a massively scalable, real-time event processing engine. more »

Prakash Predicts Marketing the Primary Driver of BI in 2015 PaxChat 5

The data archons have been doing a series of webinars and tweetchats with the Paxata Data Divas examining their CEO's six predictions for 2015 as published in Forbes. This is the fifth of the series, and looks at "Marketing will become the primary driver of BI decisions in 2015" more »

2015 A Make or Break Year for Hadoop

At the end of 2014, Paxata CEO, Prakash Nanduri made a series of six predictions to guide his strategies for 2015. Join us for a tweet chat #PaxChat on April 22 to explore the fourth prediction, "Hadoop faces a make-or-break year in the larger enterprise market." and on May 6 to explore the fifth prediction "Marketing becomes the biggest driver of BI decisions.". This post summarizes the Fourth PaxChat. more »

Hot Topics in Enterprise Analytics PaxChat Three

Once again, on 2015 April 08, the Paxata Data Divas and the Data Archons got together to discuss Prakash Nanduri's 2015 big data predictions. Wil data preparation replace big data as the hot topic for 2015? Time will tell, but we had a lively tweetchat, under the hashtag #PaxChat, to air our opinions. And join us on April 22, to discuss the fourth prediction, "Hadoop faces a make-or-break year in the larger enterprise market". more »

PaxChat Two Cloud BI Dominance

The Cloud…Bring distributed resources up when you need them, shut them down when you don’t.Focus IT and business resources on the important opportunities and fun challenges.Watch development and operations skills merge into devops. Interw… more »

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