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Springbok Leaps into Data Harmonization

Springbok by Informatica is the latest entry in the nascent self-service data preparation market. Springbok is impressive on several fronts. Data Harmonization. Rather than data preparation, Informatica uses the term data harmonization, to empha… more »

Good Vibe The Informatica of Things

Vibe Data Stream [Vibe] and Virtual Data Machine [VDM] combine at the center of Informatica’s Internet of Things strategy. Primarily for Machine-to-Machine [M2M] data, and by connecting through Power Center, ultimately leading to Machine-to-Human [M2H] Data. The goal is to have VDMs residing in mobile devices and sensor packages, but for now VDMs are mostly for Data and Operations Centers. more »


There are more questions than answers around the new IoT ecosystem being announced by SFDC today, Salesforce1. The message here, is how Salesforce1 is ready today to prepare their customers to leverage the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things today. As Cisco states, over a trillion dollars in added value was left on the table this year by companies not taking advantage of IoT. For 2014, SFDC's customers won't have an excuse to leave this money behind. more »

Paxata Revealed

The week of 2013 October 28 was a big one for Paxata, Inc. Founded in 2012 January, with advisories, beta customers or "Pax Pros" and 12 sprints, Paxata quietly relased their first GA product in 2013 May. With panels and debuts at the Strata + Hadoop con… more »

What Does IoT all mean?

The Internet of Things has expanded in many directions: Smarter Planter, Internet of Everything, Industrial Internet and more, but is in danger of being a passing fancy, unless Sensor Analytics Ecosystems make it relevant. more »

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